The sick kid kit was created to engage kids when illness strikes your home. It’s tempting to turn on the television to pass the time away. While there’s definitely some of that in our home, I like to limit screen time and find more engaging ways to keep my children’s minds active. Not only do I want to share ways to entertain the kids on sick days, but I also want to share some ways to help get some comfort and relief from the sickness.

The idea for the sick kid kit came to me the last time my daughter was home sick. She had received a consequence for behavior the day before the sickness hit. The consequence? No TV. Ouch. Now we were in the middle of a sick day, and as a mom I was stuck asking myself, “Do I stick with my consequence or do I give grace?” I reached out to my Facebook audience to get opinions, and there was a wide variety of thoughts on the topic. After reading and considering, I decided that I would stick to the consequence. We did no TV and had to find other ways to keep engaged. It was actually a very nice day.

The Sick Kid Kit

The sick kid kit is a container of things you will want to keep on hand to help engage your kids will they are under the weather. Keeping the kit tucked away until illness hits gives the items inside the box new, exciting and engaging. The sick kid kit can also provide some relief from their discomfort.

What can a sick kid kit contain? Knowing your kids will help you make decisions about what to keep in the container. Here are some idea to help get you started:

The Sick Kid Kit to Keep Kids Occupied

  • New Coloring Book
  • Hidden Picture Book
  • Maze Book
  • Book of Puzzles
  • Mind Game like the Rubix Cube or IQ Concept.
  • New Puzzle
  • Paint by Stickers
  • Kid Magazine
  • Craft Kit
  • Lego Set
  • Sticker Book
  • Sudoku
  • Word Search Books
  • A Joke Book
  • Special “Sick Friend” – A stuffed animal that only arrives when sickness hits

The Sick Kid Kit to Provide Relief

  • Vicks® VapoRub™ Topical Ointment
  • Vicks® VapoDrop – Cough Drops
  • Vicks® VapoPads – These provide up to 8 hours of soothing menthol vapors per pad.These have a rosemary and lavender scent and can be used with most brands of plug-in and waterless vaporizers.
  • Tea
  • Drink that provides electrolytes
  • Tissues – PuffPlus® Lotion

Other Important Items to Have on Hand (does not need to be stored inside the sick kid kit)

  • Vicks® Mini Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier – My husband and I are sleeping with a humidifier in our own room right now, as we are both sick. My son also has one in his room. Did you know that humidifiers are also amazing for chapped lips?  Make sure the humidifier is placed on a water resistant surface and is at least 1ft from any wall, 4ft from a bedside and out of reach of any children.
  • Vicks® Humidity Monitor – Having this monitor quickly revealed how incredibly low the humidity was in my son’s room until we added the cool mist humidifier mentioned above. We were able to quickly bring the humidity to normal levels.
  • Vicks® SmartTemp™ Wireless Thermometer – Take and track temperatures with this fabulous wireless thermometer.
  • Protec Humidifier Antimicrobial Cleaning Fish – This helps keep your humidifier clean.
  • Juice or Smoothie Popsicles
  • Throw-up Bowl
  • Sick Blanket, Towel or Sheet for child to lay on rather than laying directly on a couch.
  • Heating Pad

With all of the above in place, you will be able to have sick days that don’t need to include the television and provide comfort for your sweet kiddos.

The Sick Kid Kit – Winter Wellness Pack Giveaway

This post has been sponsored by Vicks®. They have offered to provide one reader with their own winter wellness pack. You can find Vicks® Humidifiers and other products at Walmart. Just look at the amazing products below that you will receive. I have unpacked the box in my own video to get you excited about the giveaway.

  • Vicks® Mini Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier (in blue, green or pink): Provides soothing, visible mist for temporary relief of cough and congestion symptoms. MSRP $42.99
  • Vicks® SmartTemp™ Wireless Thermometer: The Vicks® SmartTemp® Thermometer and free downloadable app makes it easy to take and track temperature readings for the entire family. MSRP $24.99
  • Protec Humidifier Antimicrobial Cleaning Fish: Features a patented antimicrobial, Aqua stat, that helps keeps your humidifier cleaner, longer. It helps kills up to 99% of odor causing bacteria. MSRP $8.99
  • Vicks® VapoPads: Provide up to 8 hours of soothing menthol vapors per pad. MSRP $14.99
  • Vicks® Humidity Monitor: The Vicks® Healthcheck hygrometer displays a room’s temperature and humidity level to help provide information you need to control your environment. MSRP $16.99
  • Puffs Plus® Lotion: The perfect tissue for when sore or runny noses need some extra softness. That little dab of lotion goes a long way t calm the most sensitive skin through a cold, flu or allergies. MSRP $1.29 – $12.99
  • Vicks® VapoRub™ Topical Ointment: A topical cough medicine with medicated vapors. MSRP $5.49 – $6.49

Good luck. Sickness is never fun, but maybe the ideas and products mentioned here will make it easier and more pleasant.

This is a sponsored post written for Vicks Humidifiers. I was compensated and provided complimentary products for this post. All opinions are my own.

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