Joybird Sectional Sofa

We are in the process of moving.  It isn’t a surprise.  In fact, it is something we have been planning for a year or more.

Because our new house is smaller and our old house has larger scale furniture that we have had for 11 years (think 3 boys, multiple pets and general LIFE), I have been doing some furniture shopping.

this is the story of my joybird sofa


My style has changed in 11 years too.  I am obsessed with mid-century modern and all things clean, bright and simple.

When searching for furniture for our new house, I came across a collection or two of mid-century modern furniture that I loved.  There always seemed to be a problem — the sofa was the wrong dimensions, it was a weird color, the one I wanted was out of stock, the price was crazy-high, etc.

Enter Joybird.

Oh my goodness! So many things to love!  AND you can create your own sofa – any fabric, any frame.  The sectional selection was amazing and it gave me the ability to get a bigger sofa than I expected I could use in our family room because it tucked into a corner so perfectly.

Joybird sectional selection

If only there wasn’t so much selection…

Our family room has been functional with a series of left-over pieces of furniture and a ridiculous number of bean bags, but it hasn’t been “adult-friendly”.

After waffling between several amazing sectionals, I settled on the Calhoun Armless Corner Sectional.

Joybird sectional - Calhoun Armless Corner

Isn’t it beautiful?

I had my sectional selection.  Now all I had to do was choose a fabric.

Joybird furniture free fabric samples

If only there wasn’t so much selection…

Luckily, Joybird sends this amazing sample package with a ton of choices…you can choose to receive different color packages.  Since I was completely undecided, I asked for a bunch!

Joybird swatches

There was one set of fabrics that I was most excited about.  They are called Safeguard Fabrics and they are “soft, stain-resistant, durable, and most importantly, easy to clean.”

Joybird Safeguard Fabrics for sectional sofa


Did I mention 3 boys & a dog…?

Decisions!  Decisions!  After rearranging the furniture in my head multiple times, I chose the Cody Pacific color Safeguard Fabric and a Coffee Bean colored leg and placed my order.

And then the fun began!  I started getting update emails about what was happening with my sectional.  For instance, the build progress series includes frame cutting, frame assembly, fabric cutting, sewing, upholstery, quality control and then shipping.

By the time my sofa was on its way “home”, I felt like I already knew it!

Joybird sofa delivery truck

I got a call scheduling the delivery a few days before it arrived and then a confirmation on the day.  The truck arrived on time and started to introduce me to my new sofa.

joybird sectional sofa delivery in three boxes

My sectional came in three very large boxes.  They were carefully taken off the truck and then opened in front of the house.

unpacking Joybird sectional sofa

I nearly squealed when I saw the color.  It is so beautiful!!!

bringing joybird sofa into the house

Down the sidewalk, over the porch, through the front door and up the stairs…

Joybird sofa going up stairs

Yes, up the stairs.

The final resting place for this amazing sectional is our family room.  The boys use this room to do homework and play video games.  The family hangs out and watches TV there occasionally or play a board game.

Joybird furniture assembly

The delivery guys were great.  They brought the sectional pieces up the stairs and then attached the legs.  The Joybird sectional pieces are held securely together with a metal latch.

Joybird sectional pieces attachment

This keeps the pieces close together and moving as a unit.  Oh, and isn’t the fabric amazing?

The sofa looks so good in the room.  It is the perfect fit.  I love it so much!

After Joybird sectional

And it is big enough to hold an entire family or 2 sleeping boys without them even touching (which is extremely important).  

How do I know this?

sleeping on Joybird sofa

It wasn’t long before there was a sleeping boy on my brand new sofa!

It looks so good in the room.

It functions exactly as I hoped…

boots on the sofa

It is a perfect fit.

I love it so much!

I love it so much that I want it in my living room.

{insert my husband’s groans here when he realized that he was going to have to help move it}

BUT in my defense, when I pleaded my case, he agreed, “That sofa is just too good not to have in the living room.”

Just when you thought my sofa’s journey was over!  I promise to post a picture here when it gets to our living room…

Here is a fun video I did about my sofa’s journey on Quirky Momma:

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Joybird. The opinions and text are all mine.

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