Delicious Crockpot pork dinner recipe, with apples!

Is there anything better than a slow cooker meal? When it’s a busy day and I’m running a ton of afternoon errands it’s awesome to know that I have a dinner simmering away in the slow cooker, especially this Crockpot Sweet Apple Pork meal!   I can still smell the sweet honey, apple, and cinnamon aroma in the house from dinner earlier. YUM!

crockpot pork recipe with sweet apples

Sweet and delicious apple pork in less than 10 minutes

The meat was so tender it just fell apart when I tried to cut it. Not only is this pork tenderloin juicy, delicious, and addictive, but it is also super easy to make. Make larger cuts in pork to fit apple wedges inside.  Cut 2 apples into wedges and stuff some of the wedges into the pork. Place the remaining apple wedges on the bottom of crockpot, drizzle with 1/4 cup honey and then add the pork on top. Sprinkle with cinnamon and drizzle with remaining honey. Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours. Seriously it took me less then 10 minutes to put together in the crockpot.

Howto get tender slow cooked pork that’s full of flavor.

I first thought that it would need more liquid but it really doesn’t but you can always add a ½ cup of applesauce or apple juice to the bottom of the pork if you want a little more savory sauce.  This pork tenderloin slowly cooked all day while I was gone and when I walked into the house it smelled amazing with the cinnamon and honey. The pork was so tender and full of flavor. I did have to sneak a slice of pork while I was cooking the quinoa and making a tomatoes and cucumber veggie salad. I just couldn’t wait for dinner because of the smell floating in my house.

crockpot pork recipe

A perfect fall meal in the crockpot

Before serving the pork cook quinoa as directed on package.  While quinoa cooks, slice tomatoes in half, peel cucumber and dice into small pieces.  Toss veggies into a large mixing bowl. Add crumbled feta, oil, vinegar, seasoning, salt and pepper. This made a delicious side salad to go along with the pork. Don’t add the feta cheese until you are ready to serve it. Serve sliced pork with quinoa, salad, and slices of the additional apples not cooked on the side for a perfect fall meal. I hope you enjoy the sweet honey and apple dish like we did .

delicious slow cooker pork and apples

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