Simple Sensory Bin Challenge Day 7

washing toys water play

My kids are still playing with today’s sensory bin as I write this! It was a huge hit and it’s so so simple to set up.

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Washing toys is certainly not a unique idea, but it’s one that we have used in early education settings for years and every  time we put them out everyone wants to join in! All you need for this one is a big container of bubbly water. We used our regular bubble bath bu washing up liquid would also work. The more bubbles you can make the more fun they have! Put a few cloths in there for them to wash the toys with and add some toys!

washing toys sensory water play

We also put another smaller container next to the bubbly water full of clean water for them to rinse the toys in and a big towel for them to dry the toys.

We started with cars and trucks, moved onto ponies and ended up washing their dolls too. Any plastic animals or toys will work.

washing toys water play trucks

You can play with cloud dough the same way that you play with sand. Use your scoops, buckets and cups.

washing ponies water play sensory bn

My girls had a blast with this activity and it took me less than 3 minutes to set up!

I can’t wait to see photos of your toddlers and preschoolers (and big kids too – they love to join in as well) having fun today. Make sure to share photos in our Facebook group and use #sensorybinchallenge on Instagram. I’ll repost them throughout the day.

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