Simple Sensory Bin Challenge Day 4

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Day 3 of our Simple Sensory Bin Challenge was lots of fun and It’s great to see so many of you sharing your photos in our Facebook Group and on Instagram (use the hashtag #sensorybinchallenge ). I hope that you’re all starting to see that simple is just as fun for toddlers and that you don’t have to plan ‘pinterest worthy’ activities for your children to enjoy them.

We’re onto Day 4 already and I can’t wait to get started!   If you missed day 3 of the challenge you can catch up HERE.  If you haven’t signed up to the challenge yet you can still join in HERE


Today we’re going to play with pasta. Colored pasta in fact. Coloring pasta is such a worthwhile investment. It doesn’t take long and if you store it in an airtight container in a dry spot it will last a really long time. I ended up giving my last batch to my daughter’s Kindy after about a year so that we could make some new colors!

If you don’t have time, or don’t want to color the pasta that’s fine too. Plain pasta will work well too.

To color the pasta, you will find all of the directions HERE.

how to make colored pasta for kids craft

Once you’ve made your pasta, simply put it in your table and let them play. As well as adding your scoops and cups you could put in some colored bowls and encourage color sorting. You could sort the pasta by type as well.

colored pasta sensory bin


I can’t wait to see photos of your toddlers and preschoolers (and big kids too – they love to join in as well) having fun today. Make sure to share photos in our Facebook group and use #sensorybinchallenge on Instagram. I’ll repost them throughout the day.

For tomorrow’s challenge we will be using shaving cream for lots of messy fun! If you prefer you can use whipped cream instead (better for those who like to put everything in their mouth!). You’ll also need food coloring.

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