This football season, we’re all about easy when it comes to preparing for game day. I really enjoy cooking fun foods while we watch the game. I focus more on the foods we’ll eat and my husband focuses more on the games. Together it makes for fun weekend nights, especially when we can get the kids to bed first. Lately, as we prepare for the big game day, I am not quite up to creating recipes and spending much time in the kitchen preparing. Being 9 months pregnant, I am looking more for easy, delicious options I can make quickly before putting my feet up to watch the game. 

So lately we prepare for a fun tailgate at home in the easiest way possible: with a DIGIORNO Original Rising Crust Pizza. We can spend more time watching the biggest games of the year while enjoying a delicious, hassle-free meal together. All while I can kick back, relax and wait for baby to arrive. Besides being easier for me to make, by going with DIGIORNO, I know that each pizza is going to bakes up hot and fresh in my own oven.  The dough rises to crust perfection and there are delicious topping options. 

Making a DIGIORNO Original Rising Crust pizza couldn’t be much easier. You just put it in the over for about 20 minutes.

This year I’d recommend you #maketherightcall for the big game! I’ve had plenty of tailgate recipes do wrong throughout the seasons, but with DIGIORNO Original Rising Crust pizza, I don’t have to worry. They’ve done all the work for me. So when you’re watching the big game and see plenty of bad calls, at least you’ll know you made the right call by making  DIGIORNO pizza! 

For more tips on how to #maketherightcall, or to view the entertaining  “Annoying Party Guests” videos, visit the DIGIORNO® Twitter page @DiGiornoPizza or

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