Pipe cleaner and button bracelets were a creation of my daughter. Knowing this craft is simple and inexpensive I knew my audience would love it – because who doesn’t love that? It’s fun to watch my daughter come up with her own ideas. The more you open up your craft closet to your kids, the more you will be amazed by their budding creativity. Love simple button crafts?  You might want to check out this cute button frame idea for kids.

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 Pipe Cleaner and Button Bracelets – Materials

How to Make Pipe Cleaner and Button Bracelets

This one is so easy. It almost seems silly to write out instructions, but here you go. Pick out a desired pipe cleaner color. Thread buttons up one whole and down the other. Continue until button design is at desired length.

Don’t mind my daughter’s chipped finger nail polish. Anyone else find it impossible to keep nail polish on fingers? My toes have no problem, but when it comes to fingers, they are destroyed in a moment.

So, ignore the fingernails and just pay attention to the adorable button bracelet created in a matter of minutes with very little mess.

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