Even if you don’t subscribe to the cliche pillow fights, prank calls, or ‘truth or dare’, it is highly imperative that a Pajama Party boasts a flurry of faux furs, big knit scarves, eye masks, thick-frame glasses, ironic sweatshirts, fluffy socks and a heavy clash of colors and patterns! Wouldn’t it make a super fun ‘Galentine’s’ Day? See below for some suggested styles…


sweatshirt | shorts | socks | scarf | champagne | eyewear
sweatshirt | nightwear | eye mask | vintage rotary phone
pajamas | slippers | book | eyewear | waistcoat

sweatshirt | pants | scarf | slippers | clutch | eyewear
sweatshirt | shorts | beanie | boots

Oh, and don’t forget the midnight snacks!


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