One of my family’s favorite things about summer is fresh, pink, juicy watermelons!  Perhaps the epitome of summer ”picnics, parties, and cookouts would not be complete without them.

Celebrate summer by creating adorable Paper Plate Watermelon Suncatchers with the kids. They require minimal supplies and look bright and cheery hanging on windows!

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Paper Plate Watermelon Suncatcher

Paper Plate Watermelon Suncatchers

This craft is easy and fun to make! Preschoolers may require some assistance, but older children should be able to make it independently.

Materials and Directions:

  • pink tissue paper (cut into 1 inch squares)
  • black tissue paper (cut into small circles)
  • white paper plates
  • adhesive clear laminate shelf liner
  • green paint and a paint brush
  • tape
  • scissors

Cut the paper plate in half. Next, cut off the “plate” part leaving only the textured rim.

Paint the bottom half of the textured rim green.

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Paper Plate Watermelon Suncatcher

Next cut a small rectangle of clear shelf liner (enough to fit inside the space in your paper plate).

Invite your child to cut small circles from the black tissue paper and place them directly onto the sticky side of the shelf liner.

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Paper Plate Watermelon Suncatcher

Next, place small squares of pink tissue paper onto the sticky side of the shelf liner.

When the shelf liner is covered, cut another small rectangle (about the same size) and place it over the tissue paper. Trim any ragged ends.

Place the tissue paper rectangle into the paper plate (seed side out) and secure it with tape. Trim off excess edges to create a watermelon slice.

Paper Plate Watermelon Suncatcher

Hang in the window with tape and enjoy!

Paper Plate Watermelon Suncatcher

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