It’s giveaway time!!!   We were so excited to be asked to participate in a popular Favorite Things Giveaway!  Not only to be able to share 30 awesome prizes to 30 people, but also to give you ideas for holiday shopping and to use this as a gift guide! Scroll below to see the prizes, and hop to each site to enter their giveaway for a chance to win!

We were given the task of creating a giveaway on our own blog with our favorite things.   It’s hard to narrow down our favorite things!  However, Natalie and I are REALLY digging into kitchen organization right now.   When your fridge and pantry is organized, it’s so much more rewarding and stress free to cook healthier food.   Having a clean and organized kitchen helps you to stay on top of your day and helps you and your kids to notice what healthy options there are for them.   So, in order to help you get your fridge and pantry organized the way we like to organize, we are giving away $50 worth of the containers we use in our kitchen!  These simple baskets from Target is all you need to keep for healthy snacks to be seen AND eaten by your kids (and you!).   The clear, see-through containers are terrific to urge and inspire healthy habits.

We’ve teamed up with 29 bloggers and we are all sharing some of our favorite things right now, and each of us will select a lucky winner! What you need to do is make sure you HOP to each of our sites to enter to win the giveaway on each site. Yes, that’s 30 in all, but you’ve got a week to do it…plenty of time! While you are there, we challenge you to click around to see what they have to share, you may just love them as much as we do!

Favorite Things Giveaway 2017

Now, here is the HOP! Click on the links below to enter each of the prizes. Somedays within the first few hours, the direct link can get broken, if that happens, click on the home page of that site to find the post or go back shortly. Giveaway ends Thursday, November 9th at midnight, so make sure you enter each of the 30 prizes.

Now, time to enter MY gift!  There are two types of containers we use that are inexpensive and serve ALL our needs. We love that you can see in and through these.  We love that they don’t have a lid, so you can easily access, or pile high your snacks.

So, we bought $50 worth of these containers for our giveaway. We have:

  • 2 Clear Pantry and  Fridge Kitchen organizers ( 6.94 in w X 14.5 in D X 4 in H)
  • 1 clear Cabinet and Fridge Kitchen Organizer (4.44 in W 10.5 in D X 4 in H)
  • 1 clear Cabinet and Fridge Kitchen Organizer (8.94 in W 10.5 in D X 4 in H)
  • 1 White storage basket (9 13/16 in L 7 15/32 in W X 3 29/32 in H)
  • 1 White storage basket (13 11/16 in L X 11 5/32 in W X 5 3/32 in H)


Visit the other bloggers giveaways and comment on this post which of the 30 prizes in our list you are the most excited to win!!  THAT’S IT!!  Your comment on this blog post is your entry!


Favorite Things Giveaway

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