With school back in, there are a lot of things we parents are having to deal with again. School lunches, uniforms, meetings with teachers, and hours of after school homework are among the top time-sucks of parents at the beginning of each school year. Something we don’t talk about as much? The hours spent trying to rouse kids out of their comfy beds to get them to school on time. Waking kids up for school is no easy task. Just ask this mom. After trying countless times to get her 10-year-old daughter, Sophie, out of bed and to school on time, this mom had enough. She warned Sophie that her next step would be to bring in a band…and she did it. Take a look!

Poor Sophie looks like she’s never been so confused in her entire life, while the band looks like they’re having the time of their life. And mom? Mom’s probably just happy Sophie’s awake and will make it to school on time for a change.

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