We had a lot of fun this past weekend making doll house notebooks and putting our interior design skills to the test by filling each interior room with magazine clippings of various furniture and decor items. It was so much fun!

To make these we used various shades of ASTROBRIGHT card stock in beautiful blues for the exterior. Our favorites include Terrestrial Teal™Celestial Blue® and, Blast Off Blue™. We simply painted fun roof tiles, widows and a door on each house.

For the interior pages we used Amelia’s favorites ASTROBRIGHTS® pinks and purples in Outrageous Orchid™ and Pulsar Pink™. She loved dressing up her houses with interior images from magazine clippings as well as drawing in her own details (my favorite part!). We then bound everything together with a simple Japanese bookbinding stitch.


Supplies you will need to make one of your own:

  • Astrobrights card stock in various colors (two sheets per house)
  • Astrobrights copy weight paper (approx.10-15 sheets per house booklet)
  • acrylic craft paints
  • small hole punch or book binding dowel (or even the tip of a pencil)
  • embroidery thread or string 
  • needle

Making the house notebooks:

  • Cut a roof shape from top of the 8.5 x 11 card stock.
  • Trace this shape onto your interior pages and cut to the same, or slight smaller, dimensions of your exterior pages. 
  • Sandwich the interior papers between the exterior card stock and make four markings on the left side for the binding. We just eyeballed where we would put our holes but you can measure it out to your liking. 
  • Using your markings, Poke or punch holes into the papers. You can poke them using a book binding dowel or punch them in smaller sections with a small hole punch or even the tip of a pencil. 
  • Thread your needle with your thread or string. Cut length of thread so that it’s at least 5 x’s the length of the side of your book.
  • Start sewing through the back side of the second hole. We used these instructions to finish off this Japanese sewing technique.
  • Using your craft paints finish off the exterior by painting on fun roof tiles, a door, windows or whatever inspires you.
  • let paint dry.
  • While paint is drying you can cut out furniture and decor items from magazines.
  • Or draw in scenes yourself. Have fun with it!



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