Quick and healthy dinner recipe, Lemon Chicken and Angel Hair

The question I ask myself every single day is “what’s for dinner?!”  Even though I have access to meal plans, pinterest, and Google, I am constantly looking for the perfect meal that I not only have the ingredients for, but that my kids will eat and won’t take all night to prepare.  When I don’t know what I am going to make, dinnertime can be stressful. I feel unorganized and like I’m playing catch up all day long.   Hopefully, at Super Healthy Kids, we can answer that question about what to make for dinner for you each day. We have so many dinner recipes that not only are healthy, but that kids like as well.

That’s why this dinner ideas is perfect!   Chicken with Angel Hair! For pasta, we love angel hair.  These noodles cook quickly, and taste great.   But this dinner is even better because we combine our love for pasta with some protein, chicken, making it the perfect dinner for kids!

How much protein do kids need?

Chicken is a great source of protein for kids.  According to the USDA, kids age 1-3 need 13 grams per day, ages 4-8 need 19 grams per day, and ages 9-13 need 34 grams per day.   Protein is the basic building block of our entire body!  It’s completely necessary to life.  Protein is responsible for muscle growth and retention and is literally the building blocks of growing bodies.

What are essential amino acids?

We love chicken as a source of protein because it contains the 9 essential amino acids that some foods may be missing.   There are 22 amino acids, and our body can make 13 of them on it’s own.  Essential amino acids can only be acquired through the food we eat.  Most of our food has some essential amino acids, but meat sources of protein, such as chicken has all of them!  Even without meat, getting enough calories in a day will generally assure that all amino acids are covered, and we also love plant based sources of proteins, such as nuts, seeds, and legumes.  But because chicken is such a great source of all of them, this dinner idea is terrific.

If you are concerned your child isn’t getting enough protein in the day, schedule a talk with your physician and have a local dietitian recommended that can formulate a plan for your family.

How to make Lemon Chicken

The chicken is prepared by slicing the chicken breast lengthwise to create a pocket or sandwich for the fillings.  Once opened, you can add prosciutto and basil.   This truly adds a delicious flavor to the chicken!    The lemon gets it’s flavor from a glaze or sauce made with lemon juice, broth, and corn starch.  Once the sauce is cooked, it can be drizzled onto the chicken to keep add the taste of lemon and keep the dish moist!

Plate the chicken on a bed of pre-made angel hair pasta, and to with Parmesan cheese.   Add a slice of lemon to the plate with any extra basil that you have.

Print this recipe, add it to your cookbook on Prepear, and share it with your friends!!  Let us know what you think!

Lemon Chicken and Angel Hair Pasta Recipe

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