Enjoy fresh, raw veggies more often! Dip them into this Freezer-Friendly Lemon Hummus that you can make once and eat for months!

My kids, like most kids, love to dip their food. They would pass right by a plate of plain carrot sticks and cucumbers on the kitchen table. But if I add a yummy dip next to the plate, then poof! The veggies disappear.

I can’t really blame them… dip helps make veggies taste great. And we really want to enjoy our healthy foods. So bring on the dip!

As popular as hummus is with my kids, I get tired of buying tubs of it from the supermarket. For one thing, we usually dispense with a whole tub in ONE sitting. Our hummus habit has gotten expensive!

For another thing, I’m honestly never 100% satisfied with the flavor of store-bought hummus. Does anyone else feel this way? The ingredients seem fine, but the taste falls short in the freshness department.

I’ve always enjoyed homemade hummus more, but I don’t make it very often. Now that I’ve discovered Freezer-Friendly Lemon Hummus, I don’t have to.


This hummus is ultra-fresh, creamy, and tangy, made from freshly-cooked chickpeas, juicy lemons, tahini, and extra virgin olive oil.

Best of all, this hummus gets made in a BIG batch, and the leftovers get portioned and stacked in the freezer! I can’t tell you how convenient and gratifying it is to have a giant stash of fresh hummus at the ready.

Making Freezer-Friendly Lemon Hummus

To make these tasty little tubs of hummus for yourself, start by cooking a pound of dried chickpeas. I soak mine overnight, then dump them in the Instant Pot along with a few cups of water and a drizzle of EVOO. They cook in 16 minutes under pressure!

After they’re cooked, get right to blending. The skins of the chickpeas are softer and easier to turn into super-smooth hummus when the chickpeas are still warm from cooking. (Some people peel their chickpeas to get the same smooth texture… but you don’t have to! Just blend them warm.)

Add all the ingredients into a food processor, and let it run until the hummus is good and creamy.

You’re almost done! Portion the hummus into freezable containers (I looked for ones that are roughly the size of a tub of store-bought hummus.) Then freeze, and enjoy whenever you like.

Use your defrosted hummus as a dip for veggies, a sandwich spread, or just dunk a whole wheat pita in it and taste the freshness!

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