Today we’re partnering with IZZE for these chic and fun drink stirrers. I actually have a special place in my heart for this company. Back in 2003 I discovered IZZE while traveling in Colorado. It was a small company back then and you could only get them in Colorado. I would stockpile them and bring them home because I loved them so much. A few years later I got married and I had crates of IZZE shipped out to serve at my wedding! They are delicious and I’ve always loved the modern design.


These drink-stirrers are easy to make and add a fun detail to any drink for kids or grown-ups!



Materials: A variety of clear and colorful mini round Christmas ornaments , Gold paper straws, Hot glue gun and glue, Scissors, Washi tape, Confetti, Glitter.

Step 1: If you’re using clear ornaments, fill them with a combination of confetti and glitter.
Step 2: Put hot glue around the edge of the top of a straw.
Step 3: Hold the ornament in place on the straw until dry (around 10 seconds).
Step 4: Use Washi tape to hide the edges of the ornament.




This post is sponsored by IZZE

Photos & styling by Amy Moss

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