Another month, another meal plan.  We shared a January meal plan last month & made life that much easier, so I decided to do it again.  You will find some of my favorite go-to meals in the monthly menu plan, as well as some new ones to try.  All the meals are kid-friendly & can be modified to please even my pickiest eater.  Many of the weekday meals are simple to prepare.  With a husband that works late (especially this month, thanks to the busy season of accounting), I cook most meals with all three kids underfoot during the infamous witching house so I try to keep meals quick and easy.  I thought it would be fun to share the monthly meal plan with you all to help inspire & give you a full meal plan for the month.  You can modify as needed based on what is in your pantry, what is on sale at the store, & what you have planned for the week but no more searching cookbooks and Pinterest every night for something to make for dinner.   

February Meal Plan for Families (Free Printable) || The Chirping Moms

Click here to download the February meal plan to print or right click on each individual image to open it in a new window.  You can save it or print from there.  Make sure to scale it to size when printing!  (You can also pin the calendar here to save for later)
You can find all the recipes here on our MEAL PLAN: February board:

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February Meal Plan for Families (Free Printable) || The Chirping Moms

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