Not sure this little performer will make it until midnight but we still made her a crown for New Years Eve. IMG_0597B

It’s so easy, we made it with pipe cleaners and glitter card stock.

I basically started with two pipe cleaners and twisted two end together. I then measured the size of her head and twisted the other two ends together where it fit snuggly.

I then bent 6 other pipe cleaners into triangles and twisted their ends together onto the crown base (starting with the center triangle and working out from there).

I then cut out 6 stars from glitter card stock (you could also cut out form regular card stock and have your little one decorate with glitter and glue) and glued them on with hot glue.

I let everything dry and then the crown was ready to wear!

IMG_0556 IMG_0559 IMG_0566B IMG_0594IMG_0570

And wear this crown she did. This little lady is actually quite a ham. And we love each and everyone of her performances.

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