Eating vegetables has never tasted so good! This Chocolate Zucchini Sprinkle Bundt Cake is stuffed with sweetness, veggies and has “Thank you Mom!” written all over it!

Thumbs Up

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a very green thumb.  When I started to garden, someone suggested planting zucchini because “everyone can grow zucchini.” Wow were they right! Zucchini was popping up in no time and I was up to my curly hair in green veggies! So I needed to find some way to use it all… I ate grilled zucchini for a week straight and then needed something a little sweeter, so I decided to bake it into a cake!

Hiding Veggies in Chocolate

If you haven’t made chocolate-zucchini anything yet, you need to!  The zucchini bakes right into the cake and your kids will have no clue they’re eating vegetables! It’s a win-win dessert! I fed this to my little cousins down the street and it was gone  in less than 10 minutes.  Before I even set the cake down on the table one of the kids has already stuck his hand up and stolen a slice!  Between the drool-worthy chocolate and the colorful sprinkles, this cake is a winner for the kids (and adults). If you’re looking for a gluten free chocolate zucchini recipe, we have that! 

There are mini chocolate chips and chocolate glaze in the recipe–both are optional.  If you leave off the glaze, you can slice up the cake and pack it in lunch boxes without much of a mess!  But if you’re celebrating a birthday then top it with glaze and add some sprinkles!

Instead of Oil use this in Baked Goods…

I used banana to substitute most of the oil in this recipe, which also helps to keep it from drying out over time.  So if you don’t eat the entire cake in one sitting (even though your kids will want to) then just place it in an airtight container and keep it in the fridge! And if you want to make this cake into muffins… you totally can! I always make 1 muffin when I make a bundt cake because I just know I won’t be able to wait until the cake cools to try it!  

Shopping Tip

When you’re at the store picking out your zucchini, pick the small ones!  The large ones are mostly water so you get fewer nutrients per bite!

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