Comforting Chicken Soup with Homemade Noodles is surprisingly easy to make, and filled with lean protein and veggies.

pot of chicken noodle soup

You can make fresh, whole grain pasta in your own kitchen, with only four ingredients, and without any special tools!

*Cue kids everywhere cheering*

There are a lot of amazing things you can do with homemade noodles, but today we cooked them in a simple chicken soup. We added plenty of colorful veggies, plus a handful of fresh parsley from the garden. Then we all blissed out over the ultimate fall comfort food!

If you’re in a dinner rut, or you just want to teach your kids that pasta doesn’t have to come from a box, this recipe is a delicious change of pace.

And since these noodles are made from whole grains, whole eggs, and milk, you can be sure your kids are getting lots of fiber and nutrition in their meal… empty carbs these are NOT!

bowl of chicken noodle soup

Your Sunday Project: Chicken Soup with Homemade Noodles

fresh dough for homemade noodles

Even though the techniques in this recipe are simple, I want to be honest: it’s more a of a Sunday project than a throw-together weeknight dinner.

That’s because rolling out the dough and cutting the noodles does take time. But you know what? It’s also pretty fun. And if you’ve got bigger kids who can manage a pizza cutter safely, go ahead and hand over the tools and let them cut some noodles, too!

Once the noodles are cut, you’ll spread them out on a cookie sheet to dry for a couple of hours:

homemade noodles drying

When the noodles have dried out a bit, it’s time to make the soup. This part is a snap! It’s basically just a throw-everything-in-the-pot and let-it-simmer kind of soup. Near the end of cooking, you’ll throw in the noodles (if they’re nice and thin, they’ll cook in just 5 minutes.)

I add the peas just before serving, because I love them to stay bright green… just barely cooked. AND they cool down the soup a touch before I serve it to the kids.

pot of fresh chicken soup

Leftovers taste delicious (thermos lunch, anyone?) But expect the noodles to absorb the rest of the the broth in the fridge overnight. I actually love it like a thick stew the next day, but you could also add an extra splash of broth to make it soupier.

chicken noodle soup pin

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