Spring is in full swing and we couldn’t be happier to be back outdoors. The kids have been spending hours a day in the yard and loving every minute. This is our first spring in our new house and it’s fun to watch flowers and trees bloom that we didn’t even know we had. It’s also been a lot of fun discovering something special about our yard: the birds. 

My kids are huge animal lovers and seeing blue birds, robins and cardinals in our yard has been such a treat. It’s made the girls really interested in learning about different birds and they hope to see more throughout the spring and summer.

We’ve gotten books out of the library to try and figure out what some of the other birds we’ve seen are. All of a sudden I have quite the little bird watchers on my hands. Can you spot the Blue Jay in the photo above? 

The girls realized we have lots of birds flying by and no bird houses or food. We decided to make our own birdhouses this spring. When we went to our local Ace Hardware to get supplies and bird seed, we saw birdbaths too. We decided to try and make one on our own and grabbed some supplies to do that too. 

Last, we decided to get some fun chairs for the kids to relax in to watch for birds. It was fun collecting our DIY supplies and looking at all of the birding supplies at our neighborhood Ace Hardware store. There were many types of seed to choose from and the friendly Ace associate helped us decide which was best for our yard. Last we found hardware and chains to hang our bird feeders once they were done. Ace had everything we needed. 

We went home and got to work. Here’s how we made our DIY bird feeders and birdbath.
DIY Bird Feeder Supplies:Empty milk cartonPaintGlue Decorations (sticks, rocks, etc)Chain to hang it Stick for perchBird seed Directions: Clean out an empty milk carton. Cut out an opening. Paint the house. Use sticks, rocks or anything else you’d like to decorate it. Cut a small hole under the opening to put in the perch. Fill the bottom with bird seed and use the chain to hang it. Now watch for birds! 

DIY BirdbathSupplies:Clay flower pots: one large and one mediumClay flower pot saucer: one large and one smallPaintSuper Glue Directions: Paint the clay pots and saucers. Let dry. Stack them in place, adding super glue to hold. Once everything is dry, add water!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Ace Hardware provided products used in the post in addition to compensation. As always,  all opinions are my own. Opinions and positions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Ace Hardware.Photobucket


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