This adorable 3D paper caterpillar craft is a cute and wiggly project to make with your kids! It can be a “freehand” project or you can use our printable caterpillar craft template and cut along the lines.

Cute Printable 3D Caterpillar Paper Craft for Kids

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Spring is the perfect time of the year to do bug crafts, and we do love them. We already shared caterpillar craft ideas and have a few more coming in the next days.

If you are considering making this craft with a preschooler or a kid in kindergarten some adult help will be needed. As there is quite a lot of cutting involved this craft makes for a good fine motor skill practice for kids.

This is also a great project for older generations.

Cute 3D Paper Caterpillar Craft

3D Paper Caterpillar Craft

What you need:

  • printer if you decide to use our caterpillar craft template (we will get to it in a little while)
  • red or yellow paper for the head
  • green paper for the body
  • glue
  • scissors
  • optional (black marker and wiggle eye stickers if you decide to make this little creature freehand).

You Can Watch The Video Tutorial

Or Follow the Pictured Step by Step Instructions

Print out caterpillar craft templates. Place a sheet of red and a sheet of green paper in the printer and print the file. This is naturally optional. This craft is amazingly cute if you just free hand it.

Cut the square shape out of green paper. Fold along the line (the small rectangle – if you look at the image bellow, the line is on the far right). Now cut along all the dashed lines. Cut, cut, cut.

Once all the strips are cut, fold them (along the non-dashed line). Make a crease and unfold all.

It’s time to make the loops. You can start on either of the sides and glue strip by strip, making loop by loop. Allow the glue to set.

Cut the head shapes out of red (or yellow, or well any color really) paper. Cut antennae out of scrap green paper.

Glue the head shapes on both sides of the “looped tunnel”.

Glue them together on the top.

Your adorable little caterpillar craft is ready to wiggle on it’s way!

Get the Caterpillar Craft Template

Print on the colored paper or on white paper and let the kids get creative with coloring the paper.


Caterpillar Craft TemplateAdorable Cute 3D Paper Caterpillar Craft


Printable 3D Paper Caterpillar Craft

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