30-Minute Pasta e Fagioli is packed with healthy veggies and beans, and comes together FAST on a busy weeknight.

Pasta e Fagioli (pronounced like this: “pasta fah-JOE-lee”) is a simple meatless Italian soup that combines beans and pasta in a comforting, tomato-based broth.

My kids and I think it’s so tasty! Warming, Italian herbs like rosemary and oregano mingle with hearty whole wheat pasta, creamy beans, and tender veggies in one big happy bowl. Topped with a little feathery Parmasan cheese, of course.

Pasta e Fagioli originated as a nourishing meal eaten by peasants in the Italian countryside, because the main ingredients, beans and pasta, were not too expensive. And that’s still true today!

If you’re looking for more tasty, budget-friendly meals, this is one to add to your Meal Plan.

Dinner in 30 Minutes… and One Pot!

I love quick meals. Scratch that. I rely on them! Making this soup is as simple as sauteeing chopped veggies in a soup pot, then dumping in uncooked pasta, beans, canned tomatoes, and a few spices.

Cover the pot and let it simmer until the pasta is cooked, then you’re ready to serve dinner!

Add a few pinches of grated Parmasan cheese at the table, if you like.

Super yum!

Plant-Powered Nutrition

Even though there’s chicken broth in the recipe (sub veggie broth if you like,) the nutrition in this soup is plant-powered! Hearty beans supply plenty of protein and fiber, and the carrots, celery, and onions are loaded with antioxidants and flavor.

Do your kids eat veggies in soups? Mine sometimes pick around them. (Or they pick around everything else and JUST eat the veggies. There’s no telling!)

One trick I’ve learned that encourages my kids to enjoy veggies in soups is to cut the veggies nice and small. In this soup, I strive to dice the veggies to be about the same size as the beans and pasta, so it all looks uniform and pretty.

This soup tastes great right out of the pot, and it’s possibly it tastes even BETTER the second day. Don’t you love it when that happens?

You might need to add a splash of extra broth on the second day, because the pasta tends to absorb some of the liquid in the fridge overnight.

I hope you love this soup as much as my family does.


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