bug and animal valentines for boys

We love goofy valentines for boys.  Are your kids sick of the sweet?  Ours are.  But still love the “getting” in Valentines Day?  Ours are.  Make your kids (and their pals) feel super special with some of these Valentine ideas.

bug and animal valentines for boys

Got a set of zoo animals?  This might be a cute no candy valentine idea – Gorilla: “I go bananas for you”

Get Buggy with this boy valentine idea.  This printable includes a “jar” all you need to get are some plastic bugs to go with it.

Have a Minecraft lover?  These 12 Minecraft Valentine Card Ideas are tons of fun.

boys valentines

Deck out your lollipops as superhero characters with this fun and easy valentine idea for boys.

What about some adorable Star Wars Valentines that say things like “I Chewse You” and “Come to the Heart Side”?

Make a batch of slime and get some small containers – like the kinds that you would get in a gumball machine – and tell your pal “Slime Yours” with this boy valentine gift.



lots of valentines for boys

This cute card for boys you can print at home – make a set of chocolate mustaches to gift with it and say, “I mustache to you be my Valentine”.

For the Star Wars fanatic (or their geek Dad), gift a “Yoda Best” card.  This free valentine idea you can print at home.

Another Star Wars Valentine uses glow sticks as light sabers, “May the Force be with you.”

Gift your pal an army man with this “Love is a Battlefield” boys valentine idea.


valentines that boys like

This Valentines Day have a ball with this fun valentine for Boys.  Gift your kiddo a bouncy ball for them to go bonkers with.

Tell your valentine they are “One in a Minion” with this valentine for boys.

Another bouncy ball valentine makes the ball into a planet in this “You’re Outta this World” card, no printing needed.

You can use small cars as the “gift” in this candy-free valentine.  I Wheelie Like you!
valentine ideas for boys

Car printable that you can include with a matchbox vehicle or even a fun eraser for a simple DIY Valentine:  “I brake for you.” & “Let’s Roll, Valentine.”

Kids love sensory play – gift a jar of fun instead of candy with this Sandbox Valentine.

Wild Valentine Candy bag idea that boys and girls alike would love – include candies of the monster’s food with this printable.

Do your boys love Minecraft?  Mine do!  Make a creeper for your boy valentine this year!


Head to the dollar store and pick up some whoopie cushions – your kids will think these “whoopie, it’s Valentines Day” gags are hilarious!

Instead of a block of TNT, gift another “Dino-mite” with this boy valentine printable and a toy dino figure.

Grab a roll of Rolos – Love chocolate candy valentines– and wrap it with red paper to make a bar of TNT for your firecracker.

And how cute are these Mustache Valentines? Includes the free printable valentine card too!

mustache valentines featured

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