19 Amazing Brownie Recipes

You are going to love these brownie recipes. If you have a sweet tooth like mine, then brownies are pretty close to being number one on the list of favorites! Of course, they are delicious all on their own, but here are some new and fun recipes to try out.


19 Amazing Brownie Recipes

These strawberry brownies only take three ingredients and they are so good.

Red velvet cheesecake brownies are made with cake mix – who knew?

These loaded brownies have Oreo’s on top – yum! via Love and Marriage

If you love chocolate bars then these Twix brownies are definitely for you! via Life In The Lofthouse

Chocolate, carmel and pecans make these magical  poke turtle brownies. via Carl’s Bad Cravings

Love s’mores but hate the mess? Make s’mores brownies! via Eazy Peazy Meals

19 Amazing Brownie Recipes

These Nutella brownies look amazing! I’m heading to my kitchen now… via Handle The Heat

Cheesecake layered brownies  just might be my new favorite. Who doesn’t love brownie cheesecake? via Something Swanky

These  one bowl brownies  are super easy and get your brownies on the table fast. via Show Me The Yummy

Anything with an Oreo in it calls my name! These  red velvet Oreo truffle brownies  are incredible. via Kevin and Amanda

Fill your brownies with  Oreo cream. How did I not think of that? via Cookies and Cups

Ooo, how great do the  salted carmel brownies  look? via Homemade Hooplah

19 Amazing Brownie Recipes

If you are a fan of the famous chocolate+peanut butter combination, you’ll love  stacked peanut butter brownies. via Betty Crocker

Or try mixing peanut butter and chocolate with cheesecake for these  peanut butter cheesecake brownies. via Crazy for Crust

Add marshmallow fluff to make  mud pie brownies. So smart! via Sugar and Soul

Do you love those store bought cosmic brownies? You can make your own  copy-cat version!  via Baking Beauty

19 Amazing Brownie Recipes

If you love Girl Scout cookies then you’re gonna love these  Samoas brownies! via Broma Bakery

Make these  chocolate mousse brownies  next time you have a sweets craving and you’ll be all set! via Le Creme de la Crumb

Melting marshmallows on top make for these delicious  marshmallow brownies.  via Julie’s Eats and Treats

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