We love all things Harry Potter. We have lots of fun crafts from our favorite book series and have been making some of our favorite recipes, too. Today we have a huge list of Harry Potter treats you’ve got to try. (affiliate links included)

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15 Harry Potter Treats

15 Harry Potter Treats

Butterbeer – This recipe is based on the taste of the Butterbeer approved by JK Rowling at Universal’s Harry Potter theme Park. Don’t worry, it’s kid-friendly!

Butterbeer Fudge – Yum – make your butterbeer into fudge! via Totally The Bomb

Chocolate Frogs – These really do look just like chocolate frogs! via Food In Literature

Butterbeer Ice Cream – N0-churn and super easy to make. via My Daylights

Chocolate Wands – A super easy recipe to get your Harry Potter fix. via Cooking Classy

15 Harry Potter Treats

Cauldron Cakes – Sort of like a pancake, but way cooler. via Food In Literature

Pumpkin Juice – You can serve this over ice in the summer or steamy hot in the winter. via Fav Family Recipes

Polyjuice Potion – This yummy green drink is so fun. via This Grandma Is Fun

Butterbeer Pancakes – Butterbeer for breakfast!! via Sugar and Soul

Luna Lovegoods Pudding – Delicious and perfect for a party. via Spoon Fork Bacon

Pumpkin Pastries – The perfect fall or rainy-day recipes. via Get Away Today

Cockroach Clusters – Don’t worry, no real bugs here! via Bakingdom

15 Harry Potter Treats

Canary Creams – Right from Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire! via From Girlie to Nerdy

Love Potion Punch – Complete a heart ice ring. This is so good. via BuzzFeed

Gold Snitches – Easily make your own godl snitches with chocolate. via Bite Sized Biggie

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