15 hacks for kids craft rooms

We have a craft closet that just keeps growing and growing!

We’ve tried a lot of different organization tips, latest was a renovation of our door with shoe cubbies…

…And are always looking for new ways to organize our home.   If you have ideas (especially photos) I would LOVE to see them on our Facebook Wall!

Until then, here are

*Must-Try* TIPS for kids craft rooms:

Create an Art Desk.   Use the drawer for all the supplies.

Save your Starbucks cups for paint.   *I knew I needed an excuse for some coffee!*

craft room tips for kids


Glue a pom-pom to the top of a dry erase marker   for an easy way to draw, erase and repeat.

Cut up sponges and use them instead of paint brushes to create with your kids.   Just throw them out when art-time is over.

Do you have leftover outlet covers??   Re-make them into play dough toys.

Fill a container with glue.   Add a sponge.   You now have glue that won’t spill and get everywhere!
craft room tips for kids

Use an old muffin tin as a pallet for kids while they paint.   It’s perfect for mixing and using a homemade paint recipe.

Keep track of ribbon with a “holey” container.

Don’t have stamps?   Check your pantry.   Use a potato as a stamp.  

Make your own paintbrushes using clothespins – lots of ideas over at Babble, Dabble Do.

Transform a mason jar with a Salt Lid.   It’s perfect for glitter, sequins and other little crafting bits of bling.

craft room tips for kids


Feature art work near where they work.     Have a craft table on your kids level and craft supplies nearby.

Go Clear.   Make supplies easy to search for with transparent tubs.

Portable Art Bucket.   Use a tool apron around a paint bucket.   Easy to bring where needed.

Create a one-stop stop for art supplies.   This mom uses a deep metal bucket.   It is pretty enough to leave on the table and I love how she uses cans inside to organize the items.





15 hacks for kids craft rooms

Ready to organize the entire house?  We LOVE this declutter course!  It’s perfect for busy families!

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