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When you hear the words, Sylvan Learning Center, you may already have a picture in your head as to what that means.  But sometimes our preconceived ideas don’t tell the whole story!

This post is inspired and sponsored by Sylvan Learning.  We love working with them because they are all about fun learning just like Kids Activities Blog.

10 things you don't know about Sylvan Learning

In my quest to learn more about Sylvan Learning, I have uncovered some secrets…

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sylvan Learning

Kids actually love learning.

These aren’t your run of the mill after-school classes!  Parents may feel like they are dragging kids to the first visit, but Sylvan Learning knows that kids want to learn — and come back for the interactive learning.  Not only will kids gain confidence in school with their newly acquired skills, but learning at Sylvan Learning is fun and exciting!

Kids love learning


Sylvan Learning has fun, hands-on STEM classes.

Sylvan EDGE programs are designed for engaging hands-on learning that inspires mastery of critical skills in science, technology, engineering and math.  These courses are six weeks long and cover a wide variety of topics including robotics, engineering, coding and math (yes, even math is fun at Sylvan Learning).

Math is fun at Sylvan Learning


They offer SAT/ACT Prep!

I didn’t expect Sylvan Learning to have what my 10th grader needed, but I was wrong!  Sylvan has plenty of offerings for grades 9-12 including test prep and college prep programs that lead to real results.  These programs lead to higher scores on the ACT and SAT, stand-out on college application essays, and result in greater success in advanced courses.

SAT/ACT prep courses at Sylvan Learning


They use iPads & Sylvan-owned technology.

Sylvan has engineered their own curriculum and the technology to back it up!  They are using the modern mediums that kids are used to.  It simply makes their programs even more fun and approachable.

Ipads and Sylvan-owned technology

Classes are affordably priced.

Anyone who has looked into tutoring has experienced sticker shock!  Despite the intense customized curriculum, small group sizes and proven-techniques, Sylvan Learning has programs to fit every budget.

All ages of students are welcome.

Whether your student is in Kindergarten or finishing high school, there is something at Sylvan Learning that can help him/her succeed.   From beginner’s reading to advanced study skills, kids of all ages are learning.

All ages of students at Sylvan Learning

Sylvan Learning works closely with parents and teachers.

Sylvan Learning knows that students with involved parents and teachers will have a better success rate than those without the support.  They go above and beyond to make that connection and include the student’s educational support system.  The teachers at Sylvan Learning really care and work as helpful liaisons for parents and teachers.

They offer homework help.

I think I need to say that again…they offer homework help!  Admit it, you have come across that math problem, Latin phrase or literature assignment that has you questioning your own education.  Sylvan Learning to the rescue!  The teachers at Sylvan Learning can tackle those complex assignments in a way that gets your child doing the learning work without exposing your ignorance. <–Yay!

Homework help at Sylvan Learning


They have locations in the US and Canada.

When I typed in my zip code, I was surprised at how many options I had within a close driving distance.  Sylvan Learning centers are conveniently located.  If you are curious if there is one near you, please click here.

You could own a center.

Sylvan Learning is a franchise with opportunities all over US and Canada allowing you to own a piece in making a difference.  I love that Sylvan Learning owners are in the business of making life easier for families.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these things, please visit the Sylvan Learning website.  Consider what could help your child succeed!

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