Swirling Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Why have a regular Christmas tree when you can have a twisting and twirling paper plate Christmas tree! This project is super fun to make and you can either decorate it with the help of our printable or make little ornaments of your own. *this post contains affiliate links* Felling festive already? We sure are […]

Printable Turkey Puppets

What did the turkey say? We don’t know but we do know these printable turkey puppets can become quite the chatty bunch once in kids hands. Two fun puppets to print, one-precolored and one for kids to color as they see fit, both making sure your little ones will have lots of fun turkey time!*this […]

Wonderful Fall Leaf Crafts Ideas

When if comes to fall crafting, nothing beats fall leaf crafts! It’s one of the most fun and frugal natures crafting materials ever and you can easily plan your fall leaf projects for every age group – there are a whole lot of possibilities! *this post contains affiliate links* We love making all kinds of […]

Movable Spider Craft

Itsy bitsy spider, climbing up and down! Your kids will be thrilled once they make and play with this movable spider craft. It’s such an easy “mechanism” that makes this one “go”, your kids will be soon making all kinds of different moving creations. *this post contains affiliate links* This little spider craft will be […]

Halloween Pop Up Card Template

Wish your friends a Happy Halloween in style with this Spooky Mansion Halloween pop up card template. Print out our template or watch the tutorial and create your very own. *this post contains affiliate links* We love unique and fun Haloween cards, and this pop up card certainly is one. There are quite a few […]

Simplest 3D Paper Christmas Tree – Print or Make with Construction Paper

We love fun project that turn out totally amazing at the same time too ;). This simple 3D paper Christmas tree is such an adorable little craft for kindergarten and preschool as it will have the kids work on their scissor skills. *this post contains affiliate links* Are you feeling jolly already? We sure are […]

3D Paper Christmas Tree Template

Want to have a Christmas tree on your desk but just can’t find enough room for a real one? Make this adorable 3D paper Christmas tree (with a template or without) and add your own little decorations. *this post contains affiliate links* We love all things Christmas! But above all we love Christmas crafting, especially […]

Halloween Mix and Match Cubes

Ready for some spooky mixing and matching fun? This time we got a new Printable Halloween Mix and Match Cubes for your kids to “flip around”. These printable paper toys let your young ones to change their heads, bodies, and feet in a bunch of different combinations. *this post contains affiliate links* If you’re already […]

Lion Leaf Craft with Printable Template

Go on a wonderful nature craft and pick up some colorful leaves while you are at it as you’ll need them to make this wonderful lion leaf craft! This one is great to make on your own, or with the use of our printable lion leaf craft template (handy for a classroom project). *this post […]

Vampire Corner Bookmark – Fun Looking DIY Halloween Bookmark

If you want a DIY corner bookmark that is ready to take a bite into your book, this Vampire corner bookmark is certainly one to make. These Halloween corner bookmarks will be a wonderful activity on your Halloween party and they also make a great party favor. *this post contains affiliate links* We love coming […]

Paper Ball Bat Craft – Cool Halloween Garland

We have the most adorable (also spookalicious) paper ball bat craft to share with you! Make a few of these, hang them on a string and you have a wonderful DIY Halloween garland/decoration. *this post contains affiliate links* We love sharing Halloween craft ideas, as it’s a season where you really can go crazy with […]

Printable Halloween Puppets

Excited about Halloween? We sure are! We designed 4 fun printable Halloween puppets, that will be a perfect DIY project for a Halloween party with the kids (either at home or in the classroom). Let’s have some fun crafting these Halloween monsters! *this post contains affiliate links* We are a bit crazy about Halloween crafts […]

Playdough Monster Invitation to Play

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How to Make an Origami Dog

Want to learn how to make an origami dog face? Not only do we have a super simple step by steps instructions (both pictures and video), we also have a printable origami paper template for you or your kids to print and fold (pre colored and to color in!). *this post contains affiliate links* We […]

Simple Paper Turkey Craft

It’s turkey time! We have a super simple paper turkey craft tutorial to share with you, one that will be loved by kids both small and big. This little fellow, if done with the legs will be able to stand on it’s own, which makes it a wonderful fall decoration. *this post contains affiliate links* […]

Paper Strips Christmas Tree

Ready for Christmas crafting? We are and we are sharing another fun crafting idea with you – let’s make a paper strips Christmas tree craft! Such a fun way to work on cutting and fine motor, and make a wonderful project at the same time. *this post contains affiliate links* We love Christmas tree projects! […]

Paper Cone Monster Craft

Time to make a paper cone monster craft! Print out our template, bring out your coloring supplies or colored paper and make super silly monsters. *this post contains affiliate links* We are so happy to add these silly cone monsters to our collection of Halloween crafts for kids, these are fun to make and fun […]

Accordion Paper Christmas Tree

This little accordion paper Christmas tree has to be the cutest little holiday project to make with your kids ever. It’s insanely easy to make and looks adorable. And we even have a craft template for it for you to print. *this post contains affiliate links* We love the festive season, we love all the crafting that […]

Handprint Hedgehog Craft

We know, we know… You need another wonderful hedgehog craft in your life, we do to so today we are showing you how to make this wonderful handprint hedgehog craft. As you can really never have enough hedgehog (or handprint) art ideas, can you. *this post contains affiliate links* We love making handprint crafts that […]

Printable Monster Envelopes

Bring a bit of silly to your letters – send them in style with these printable monster envelopes! Perfect to send out your Halloween party invitations or just to make someone’s day. We have one colored and one to color, so your kids can personalize them however they see fit. *this post contains affiliate links* […]

Halloween Monsters Paper Rings

We have a wonderful printable Halloween treat for you, are you ready to have your hands embellished with these spookalicious printable Halloween monsters paper rings? We sure are! These are great to use at home or classroom Halloween party or just for the fun of it. *this post contains affiliate links* We love all things […]

DIY Scarecrow Mason Jar – Fall Mason Jar Crafts

We are really excited to share this wonderful scarecrow mason jar craft idea with you (a great fall mason jar project to make), as it’s a wonderful project to make as well as a fancy homemade fall decor. *this post contains affiliate links* Want to make some fall mason jar crafts? There’s not a project […]

Movable Owl Paper Doll

Print our template and make your very own movable owl paper doll. What a hoot! Glue it onto a craft stick, add some string (we’ll show you exactly how it’s done) and you’ll be flapping those wings in no time. *this post contains affiliate links* Owls sure are wonderful creatures, and a great crafting theme […]

Printable Butterfly Life Cycle Agamograph Template

Want to create more fun agamographs? We’ve got a brand new Butterfly Life Cycle Agamograph Template to share with your kids and students. Get creative by coloring and folding the printable agamograph pages and learn about the life cycle of a butterfly simultaneously. *This post contains affiliate links* Making the agamographs surely is a pack of fun for […]

Paper Strips Hedgehog

hedgeWe do love making all kinds of cool projects using construction paper strips, especially 3D paper crafts, and so we are excited to share this paper strips hedgehog craft with you. This fall craft is perfect as for kindergarten kids to make, as they can practice their scissors skills as well as make a wonderful […]

Christmas Tree from Craft Sticks

Who is ready for Christmas crafting with kids? We are! This wonderful Christmas tree from craft sticks crafty activity that’s great for preschoolers and kids in kindergarten. Simple and quick! We have all the fuzzy feels towards the festive season, and as far as crafting goes it certainly is our favorite time of the year! […]

Hedgehog Pop Up Card

We are making a simple hedgehog pop up card today that is geared towards younger kids (kindergarteners and even younger kids will manage making this one). Ready for this fun fall project? Let’s start! *This post contains affiliate links* We love crafts that pop, and following our fun peacock pop up card we though a hedgehog […]

Printable Fox Puppets

We have another wonderful fall printable puppet to share with you. Are you ready? Let’s welcome these printable fox puppets into our collection. These are the second in the forest animals theme and we can’t wait to add them all. *this post contains affiliate links* Is your printable hedgehog puppet feeling lonely? In need of a […]

Wonderful Flower Crafts Ideas for Kids and Parents to Make

We sure do love flower crafts and think they are great for kids to make all year round! There are many occasions where you can gift homemade / kidmade flowers, they are great for birthdays, special holidays or just to brighten up someone’s day! From simple flower crafts for preschoolers and toddlers to make, as […]

Paper Ball Black Cat

We’re back with another extremely easy (and cute) paper craft for Halloween. This paper ball black cat isn’t just cute, it can be used as a toy or as an ornament to hang anywhere in your home. *this post contains affiliate links* Another black cat craft has found it’s forever home on Easy Peasy and […]

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