DIY pots

  These pretty flower pots are made by the kids that visit the The center for extracurricular studies Resonance, Razgrad (Bulgaria). You need an empty plastic bottle (1.5 L), a CD disk and decoration paper (pieces in various colors). Cut the bottle in tho two halves and take the one with the bottle neck. Secure the… […]

Be a Superhero‎

Wonderful idea of our friends from Fusion Academy . Fusion Academy is a private institution, offering high quality language and arts education for kids and adults. Art is an important part of the human’s life. Fusion Academy works thus so that the kids to realize the benefits from art and to use everything learned in the art classes in their everyday life.

Rope Art

Watch video:  how to make:   These Rope Collages have been made by children from ROYANA ART STUDIO, Sofia(Bulgaria).  see more:


watch video: how to make:  printable templates:                 see more:  

Tangram design

This is an inspiring project of FUSION ACADEMY (in the Design class)  for an unusual square – TANGRAM​. The square is segmented into 7 geometrical figures, and when arranged in one or another way you can see all figures of nature. All this is presented in front of the small designers. After they made their tangrams,… […]

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HEDGEHOGS – toilet paper roll

watch video: how to make:  print template: see more:

Fish Collages

watch video: These Fish Collages have been made by children from ROYANA ART STUDIO, Sofia (Bulgaria).   how to make:   see more:

Straw Airplane

watch video: how to make:    see more:

Summer Cards

watch video: how to make:  see more: